Ah Specials aren't these just...special.

Oh god that was awful, please forgive me.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Riot Shield menu icon MW2

The Riot Shield is the only special in MW2 so it's the best and worst even though I HATE this weapon. The Riot Shield in any Call of Duty is just so dumb. I get why it's in the game and what it's supposed to be used for but I don't care this weapon is just annoying as hell and ticked me off when playing against people with these things.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Crossbow menu icon BO

Going to be honest and say I was not a fan of BO1 Specials but the Crossbow was awesome...just not that awesome in this game. The Crossbow in Black Ops isn't really amazing but I'd say it's a good gu...weapon. Although it kinda sucks that the crossbow didn't fire normal arrows in multiplayer and have explosive arrows as an attachment.


Ballistic Knife menu icon BO

The Ballistic Knives aren't amazing but they aren't bad. They just don't really compare to the crossbow and some of the handguns in the game. They have a small ammo..knife count and were an instant kill anywhere. But like I said the ballistic knives aren't bad they just aren't as good as the crossbow.

Best Killstreak

Grim Reaper menu icon BO

If we're including killstreak specials the Grim Reaper is obviously the best special. It can fire 4 rockets till it has to reload again and the thing just looks badass. When I use it, it makes me feel like Arnold in Commando.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Riot Shield menu icon MW3

The Riot Shield is the best and worst special MW3 as (like MW2) is the only special in MW3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Crossbow model BOII

The Crossbow is amazing. The BO2 Crossbow is fucking amazing and you can't convince me it's not. This weapon is just so fun to use, so cool and interesting. The crossbow's attachments, design, and look make this thing one of my favorite specials of all time.


Combat Knife model BOII

The Combat Knife is just your knife. Honestly I don't consider it a special weapon but the wiki does so I have to treat it as such. The combat knife is just your knife only I think it knifes faster.

Best Killstreak

War Machine model BOII

WHAT? THE DEATH MACHINE ISN'T THE BEST? Yes I feel the War Machine was the best special in BO2. Sure it only had 6 shots and it can be considered a grenade launcher but I don't care. The War Machine has high damage and looks badass.

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Riot Shield model CoDG

The Riot Shield was like I've said before was shit but being the only official special in the game I have to include it here.


Combat Knife Menu Icon CoDG

The Combat Knifecan be considered good in BO2 but it's complete SHIT in Ghosts because of the crappy melee system in Ghosts.

Best Killstreak

MAAWS model CoDG

The MAAWS isn't really good or bad but I find it to be better then the minigun because well for one I could actually get the damn thing. I wasn't very good in Ghosts due to the game having really low health (ik it wasn't actually low but it felt it like) so I could never get the juggernaut killstreak.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Crossbow B2 third person AW

The Crossbow isn't really that good. I think we can all agree while it's the worst Crossbow (

not counting the Manual Crossbow) it was the best special in AW.


MDL menu icon AW

NOPE! The MDL is the worst weapon in AW. This thing IS the BO2 Zombies War Machine and to make matters worse it's a PRIMARY????!!! WHAT???

Comment your favorite and least favorite weapons in the comments below

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