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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


MP5 menu icon CoD4

The MP5 from CoD4 is a LEGEND. Literally almost everyone I know that played CoD4 loved this gun. The MP5 had some serious high damage in close quarter combat, medium recoil, okay accuracy and looked amazing. Seriously this gun still looks amazing with Blue Tiger. The MP5 is an amazing weapon that you NEED to try out if you haven't already.


Skorpion menu icon CoD4

Am I the only one that actually liked the Skorpion? Not only in CoD4 but also in Black Ops. This gun has literally almost no recoil, decent damage and of course with all SMGs made you run faster. So you may be asking "Pigpen why put the Skorpion at the worst CoD4 SMG if you like it?" To answer that I'll say...I like all the SMGs in CoD4. It's the only Call of Duty that I actually like all the SMGs. So if I like all of them I must put them in order of my personal opinion on which is better. The Mini-Uzi was very close to becoming the worst for CoD4 but I felt it was slightly better then the Skorpion. Slightly.

Call of Duty: World at War


MP40 menu icon WaW

Was this really a suprise? The MP-40 is an amazing SMG and is easily the best in WaW. Now what makes this gun so great is the high damage, low recoil and that barrel drum attachment. I mean if you add that thing on this gun, you create a monster that fires slow but deadly rounds into your enemies at your will. The MP-40 is just simply amazing and everyone has most likely used this thing whether it was in WaW or BO or BO2.


Type 100 menu icon WaW

This is the only SMG in WaW that I dislike. The Type 100 is one of the few Japanese weapons in the game and unlike the monster the Type 99, the Type 100 is just...bad. Not only does this gun look bad but it acts almost the exact same as The Thompson and you unlock that gun early in the game making this gun useless!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


UMP-45 menu icon MW2

Like the MP-40 is it really such a surprise the legendary UMP-45 is my favorite SMG in MW2? This gun is a complete monster! What makes this thing a monster? It's unlocked by default, amazing accuracy and great damage. No wonder this thing is one of the most used SMGs in Call of Duty history! If you have MW2 and never played with the UMP-45. Get online right now and pick this badboy up.


Mini Uzi menu icon MW2

The Mini-Uzi can't escape this time! The Mini-Uzi just is amazing....well amazing to think about. The gun has some moderate recoil, slow recoil, and to dash it all off the gun is the LAST SMG! Why is this thing the last SMG when we have monsters like the UMP-45, the Vector and the MP5K (although that gun isn't a monster). Honestly this thing feels kinda like a Machine Pistol that got promoted to the SMG class.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Menu mp weapons ak74u

The AK-74u is sadly one of the few good SMGs in Call of Duty: Black Ops and is really he only amazing SMG in the class. The AK-74u is extremely unique because the weapon can have an underbarrel grenade launcher called the Tishina (which looks like a grenade launcher pistol). The gun has some serious damage and low recoil which only adds to why this gun is so damn good.


MAC11 menu icon BO

The MAC-11 is just bad. Literally the worst SMG in Call of Duty history and I'm not joking. This thing is LITERALLY a machine pistol, hell in Black Ops: Declassified the gun is demoted to a machine pistol. Nothing to say about this gun besides it's garbage. Never use this thing EVER.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


MP7 menu icon MW3

This thing is just....the best SMG of all time. The MP7 from Modern Warfare 3 is just amazing. Literally amazing. The gun has low recoil, high fire rate and a good ammo supply. But if you put rapid fire and extended mags on this badboy you are unstoppable. Literally I got over 8 M.O.A.Bs with that setup. The gun is a legend.


PM-9 Menu Icon MW3

The PM-9 is the Mini-Uzi from MW2 only renamed and reskinned. Literally the gun acts almost the same as the Mini-Uzi and when compared to the legendary SMGs of MW3 like the MP7, the P90 and the PP90M1 this thing looks like one of those nerf guns you see at the checkout. You know the ones with the little chain you're supposed to clip to your side and can only shoot one nerf dart. In other words this thing is terrible.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


PDW-57 Menu Icon BOII

What do you get when you give a SMG a huge clip, high damage and amazing iron sights? You get the PDW-57. The best SMG of BO2. The gun blows the Evo, MSMC, and the MP7 all out of the water because of the facts I just stated. To top the gun off the gun looks amazing and it's reload animation is beyond cool.


Chicom CQB Menu Icon BOII

The...oh god...the Chicom CQB is a three round burst SMG that just blows...literally the thing sounds awful, has terrible damage, and looks ugly as hell. Not to mention the iron sights are just awful. This gun is possibly the only bad SMG in BO2.

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Ripper Menu Icon CoDG

The Ripper just looks amazing for starters. It's one of the many weapons in Ghosts to have integrated attachments BUT is the only SMG in Ghosts to be a SMG and Assault Rifle. The gun can switch between a fast firing SMG mode and a slower firing Assault Rifle mode with a built in Hybrid Sight. While this gun is a DLC exclusive weapon it still counts because well look at the Ghosts weapon template.


K7 Menu Icon CoDG

I wanted to love this gun, I tried but I couldn't. The K7 is one of the worst SMGs of all time because of its low damage, crap range and high recoil. This gun is just so hard to use and so hard to get kills with. Please stay away from it at all times.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


ASM1 menu icon AW

The ASM1 is already a fan favorite. Not only for being the quote on quote future Thompson but for its huge magazine, good damage and moderate recoil. Put an extended mag on this gun and you got yourself the Speakseasy...well you can get the Speakseasy but you get the point.


SAC3 menu icon AW

Who's idea was it to make an akimbo only SMG? The SAC3 is the worst SMG in AW because of that fact. Yes you can put a laser sight on it but it doesn't really help at all. The SAC3 is just like the akimbo SMGs from MW2, pointless but funny to use.

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