Okay many of you may know the app Call of Duty: Strike Team just came out for IOS and...where do I begin..

FIRST: It's Strike Force

It's literlly some more Strike Force Missions from Black Ops 2

SECOND: No Multiplayer

Do I really need to say how mad I am about no Multiplayer

THIRD: It's Not the First CoD on IOS

Some People say Finally a CoD on the IOS...well it's the 3rd there were CoD WaW Zombies and CoD Black Ops Zombies for the IOS and they were much better.

FOURTH: The Weapons

Honestly there is like no weapons and the only one worth using is the AN-94

FIFTH: Survival Mode?????

Why did they bring Survival back?? I loved Survival and so did a lot of people but when Black Ops: Declassifed came out with It's Survival killed the gamemode so when Strike Team does it....It's like it's pissing on Survival Mode's Grave.

SIXTH: Activsion???

IK Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Ravensoft or Sledgehammer Games wouldn't make this app so they brought Activision in to make it....This isn't a bad thing at all I love Activion's Games but it's kinda weird playing a Call of Duty game that has no Treyarch or Infinity Ward in it.

OVERALL: Sucks don't buy it 

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