MW3's GIGN Spawn Theme

Ah Call of Duty, such a great game series with amazing games like CoD4, MW2, BO2, WAW, AW, etc (wot WHERE'S BLACK OPS??) Anyways (Answer the fucking question Pigpen) every major video game has its share of obscure games. Don't believe me?

Assassin's Creed: Discovery and Altair's Chronicles

Far Cry: Instincts and Vengeance

Halo: Spartan Assault 

And Call of Duty is no exception. Join me in a 4 part miniseries where I'll be reviewing the lesser known or talked about Call of Dutys.

Please note by Obscure I mean not many know or give a shit about the game. Let's begin with...Black Ops: Declassified.

The Story: Does it add the Black Ops Timeline?

Soldier holding an AK-74u Shattered CODBOD
I might get shot for saying this as the one of the biggest complaints about Declassified is how the story doesn't matter and well I'd agree to that to a point. They're four levels that actually are kinda important in the Black Ops timeline. Take the level: Three Point Landing where Woods goes and attempts to kill a man attempting to bring back Nova 6 or take the level Hostile Takeover where as an unnamed C.I.A member (most likely Ryan Jackson) kills Menendez's father eventually leading up to Black Ops II. So overall does the story of the game really matter, no but those two levels do add some interesting scenes into the Black Ops timeline.

The Multiplayer: Is it really worse then Ghosts?

Nukehouse Loading Screen BOD
Yes it is. It's bad, it's awful, the touch screen controls are so fucking bad and the weapon choices are a little weird. All Black Ops weapons with no new ones? Oh I'm sorry the Carbine (Commando)m the Striker and the PP90M1 are supposed to make up for that. Please. The killstreaks are all overpowered (besides the Mortar Strike) and is imposible to snipe due to the maps being so small.

Hostiles: Does it make Safeguard look good?

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified - Gamescom Trailer01:00

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified - Gamescom Trailer

No, nothing can make Safeguard look good. Hostiles is where I had the most fun in because unlike the rest of the game it actually fucking works and I never felt like I died a cheap death (okay maybe once or twice) but you get my point. It's a small fun little gamemode that I kinda wish they'd add to a bigger CoD game as a 5th gamemode. I mean it's so small so It can't be THAT hard to just throw it in there.

Time Trials: Need for Speed + Call of Duty = ?

Range MP5K BOD
If you didn't get the reference Need for Speed has a mode called Time Trial. Funny right? No? I know. Anyways Time Trials is not fun at all. It's like the shittier version of The Pit.

Health: Wait what?

Shattered loading screen CoDBOD

This is the game's biggest problem. The health makes Call of Duty: Ghosts look like Jugg Armor. You die almost instantly and in a campaign where they're NO FUCKING CHECKPOINTS you will want to throw your useless Vita against the wall.     

Overall: Is it really one of the worst games of all time?

Ehhhhh no. I don't think it's one of the worst but it is NOT a good game. The campaign was shit besides those two levels, Hostiles was fun, Multiplayer is boring and shit at the same time, Time Trial is just worthless and the fucking Health....ugh

Overall it's sad to say that Strike Team and Black Ops DS add more to the Black Ops series (and yes Black Ops DS is canon to the Black Ops timeline. Don't fight it, just accept it.) Don't get this game, EVER.

P.S yes people consider this game to be one of the worst of all time: source

NEXT TIME!!! Roads to Victory!!


MW3's Spetsnaz Defeat Theme

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