Hello,I'm Pigpen077, huge fan of FPS games, and my fav video game franchise is Call of Duty. Now ever since MW2 I've had ideas for Call of Duty Games. Here are 4 games I think Treyarch, Infinty Ward or Sledgehammer Games could make. Each game will have 4 parts to them. The Possible Weapons of Multiplayer, Campaign Details, Reasons why this could work, and reasons why It might now work. Alright here we go!

P.S Excuse my grammar Also it was gonna be 5 but I changed it to 4

Call of Duty: Classified

Campaign/General Ideas: You'd maybe play as a top secret C.I.A Agent or hell maybe even a fictional Top Secret Classified Seal Team. You'd use weapons and drive vehicles that don't exist irl but in the CoD Universe they are classified stuff that won't be revealed for decades. IDK who the enemies would be or what the campaign storyline would be. But I think it could work. However the time range can be from 2010-2016.

Multiplayer Weapons: The Weapons of Multiplayer could range Completely New, weapons from Advanced  Warfare (even though the game isn't out :P), or maybe even some Black Ops 2 Weapons. Well I take that back...sorda I mean the Storm PSR could work but other stuff like the Executioner, AN-94, LSAT, etc are real.

This Could Work: The game could work because, while the idea sounds a little crazy, let's be honest there have been far crazier Call of Duty Ideas....Zombies, Aliens oh I'm sorry Cryptids, Robot Zombies??

This Couldn't Work: Let's be honest, heck I'll even admit it. It sounds kinda like a Black Ops Rehash only instead of taking place in the past, it takes place in 2010-2016.  

Call of Duty: Gulf War

Campaign/General Ideas: This CoD would take place in the Gulf War that lasted from 1990-1991. More information on this war right here: Wikipedia Article on The Gulf War . Anyways you'd have 2 campaigns. 1 being the United States and the other being the United Kingdom. The Game would be kinda like those Middle East levels from CoD4 only with a different plot, characters, no nukes and well it's own game.

Multiplayer Weapons: I don't really know what weapons were used in this war, so I'll guess, now correct me if I'm wrong in the comments below. It'd be weapons used in the 1980s section of BO2's campaign, a Mixture of BO1 Weapons and certain MW1 Guns. Once again correct me If I'm wrong.

This Could Work: The Game would have a better chance of being made then Classified, and this is one of the few wars almost never mentioned in CoD History. Seriously the only reference is the BO2 Trophy: Desert Storm. 

This Couldn't Work: Let's be honest, all the multiplayer maps would be desert maps and middle eastern towns. Not to mention the war lasted less then a year, now of course you can make a game based off this war, but I don't see how a huge developed storyline like CoD4, BO2, BO, MW2 etc work out.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Korean War

Campaign/General Ideas: Alright now everyone wants WaW2 and BO3 and stuff (btw BO is WaW2..which now that you think of it BO2 is anyways instead of going further in time or back to where CoD began, let's go to a war any video game has touched on (don't quote me idk if that is true). The Korean War from 1950-1953. It is mentioned Woods, Mason and Hudson all were in that war. Now what if that is where they all met. The plot would be Old Woods and Old Alex Mason telling David about their operations in the Korean War with constant flashbacks to the pres...future.

Multiplayer Weapons: The weapons would range from American weapons from WaW to Korean Weapons we haven't seen before in a CoD Game.

This Could Work: People want to go back to historical Call of Dutys and why not bring it to the Korean War? A War that has no video game to go with it, Heck the American Civil War got a video game why not the Korean War?

This Couldn't Work: Let's face'd controversial as heck. Serously I'm not gonna go in depth here but this game would get a lot of people pissed off so out of all the CoDs here It has the least chance of even being considered a video Game.

Call of Duty: Trench Warfare

Campaign/General Ideas: A World War 1 Call of Duty Game....while WW1 is a hard war to make a game about, it's not impossible. I'm sure there are Some Video Games based of WW1. I don't really have a plot for this.

Multiplayer Weapons: I actually did some research and found some weapons that could be used in game. Here: MG08, Maxim Gun, Lee Enfield, Winchester Rifle, Ross Rifle, MP 18, The Webley, Lee Metford, The Bull Dog, Mauser, and the Mk.1. Now there are more but those are just a few.

This Could Work: It has been done before. A FPS WW1 Game has been made.

This Couldn't Work: A Fast Paced FPS Game like Call of Duty...going to slow paced Trench Warfare in WW1 with mostly bolt action rifles and mounted Machine Guns. Think about that.

Leave Comments Below

Now it's your turn leave comments below on your own Call of Duty Games you'd like made. Also post if you liked this blog and would like to see another similar blog. Finally state if you agreed if you liked my ideas or not. I can take hate don't worry. Pigpen077 Out. Have a Great Day/Night Pigpen077 (talk) 00:18, May 30, 2014 (UTC)

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