DLC 4 is coming soon and so I thought to myself they need to bring back some new wonder weapons along with a New one. These are the five I'd like to see

Wunderwaffe (Shi No Numa, Der Reise, Call of the Dead)

Thunder Gun (BO Nach der un Toten, Kino der Toten, Ascension)

Time Bomb (Buried)

Wave Gun/Zap Gun (Moon)

Blundergut (Mob of the Dead)

But i know they can't put all five in it because theres the new Wonder Weapon, Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs, and Ray Gun Mark 2 already in it (Monkey Bombs might not though) So what wonder weapons would you like to see Treyarch bring back to Zombies do you agree with my weapons or you have your own? IDK maybe you want the Scavenger, or Jet Gun, or The Winter's Howl? I dont know leave your opinions in the comments

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