The Map Origins is coming out soon and takes place in WW1. So Treyarch randomly puts in WW2 weapons and says "OH these will do nobody will care or notice" Well we did and I dont really care but many people do....but anyways since the STG-44 and the MP-40 are Confirmed to be in the map what other World at War Weapons do you want Back in Origins? I'd like


The MG-42

The Thompsan

The M2 Browning

The MG-42 was rumoured to be in the Map and The Thompsan is already in the Game so Hopefully 3arc puts these into the map. Or put more "new" weapons like a WW1 Sniper/Bolt Action Rifle or instead of Frag Grenades you throw Sticks of Dynomite. IDK leave what weapons from World at War in Origins in the Comments.

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