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Best sneaky class and the best sneaky sniper class

I wanted to know everyones favorite sneaky class and sneaky sniper class on MW2 HARDCORE MODE mine are

Sneaky Class

Primary: ACR silencer and heartbeat sensor

Secondary:USP.45 silencer and tac knife

Equipment:Claymore Sometimes tac insert or semtex

Special Grenade:Smoke

Perk 1:Bling Pro

Perk 2:Coldblooded Pro

Perk 3:Ninja Pro

Sneaky Sniper

Primary:Intervention silencer

Secondary:USP.45 silencer somtimes G18 silencer


Special Grenade:Smoke

Perk 1:Scavenger Pro

Perk 2:Coldblooded Pro

Perk 3:Ninja Pro

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