Hello Call of Duty fans! Wikia may have an exciting opportunity at E3 2015 to visit with the developers of Call of Duty:Black Ops 3. What does the future hold for Black Ops? What do you want to know from the creators? Let us know for an upcoming Community Q&A!

Leave any and all questions you have for the Call of Duty:Black Ops 3 team in the comments below. We plan to bring your questions to the developers and post their answers as soon as we can. While we can't promise to get every question answered, we will do our best to bring you information straight from the source.

Please use the comment section below and have your questions to us no later than 5pm PT on Sunday June 14th.

UPDATE: The questions were presented to the developers and we have created a special video for the community to enjoy! Check it out!

Expert Showcase: Black Ops 3 - Special Edition

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