• Piraka hunter788

    I�worked on the previous Hydra, and i think i did well.

    Opinions? Comments? Still working on a stock though.

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  • Piraka hunter788

    The XMRB-2 Tactical Sniper Rifle

    I think it's a beauty. Any comments?

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  • Piraka hunter788

    What do you guys think? I think this gun rocks. Opinions? Comments?

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  • Piraka hunter788

    I'm working on a guide to all the hiding spots located on all the maps. Will need help with the pictures however. This is a work in progress, and will update this when I locate more findings. (I will not do Favela as there are already enough hiding spots.) I have classified what spots do which. If it's high, it's a sniper. If it's close to the battle, its ambush. if it's out of the way, its hiding. There are also spots with two or three selections. 2 : The first selection is the more effective tactic. 3 : Any tactic goes. If you have any info on spots not listed, please comment and give detail on where they are, and how to get to them. Thanks.

    1. Afghan (done)
    2. Derail (done)
    3. Estate (done)
    4. Highrise (done)
    5. Invasion
    6. Karachi
    7. Quarry (done)
    8. Rundown (done)
    9. Ru…
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  • Piraka hunter788



    I can't think up a catchy name for my sixth class. Does anyone have any suggestions? It'd be great if you could provide me a good name for that class.

    • Ideas :
    • Explosive Decisions
    • Danger Close
    • Explosivo
    • Thumped

    Brothertim : Master Exploder

    Peter Griffin Boy : The Handy Man

    Cpl. Wilding : Heavy Weapons Guy Decision,

    I decided to go with Demolitions Expert. Thank you to those who helped.


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