I'm working on a guide to all the hiding spots located on all the maps. Will need help with the pictures however. This is a work in progress, and will update this when I locate more findings. (I will not do Favela as there are already enough hiding spots.) I have classified what spots do which. If it's high, it's a sniper. If it's close to the battle, its ambush. if it's out of the way, its hiding. There are also spots with two or three selections. 2 : The first selection is the more effective tactic. 3 : Any tactic goes. If you have any info on spots not listed, please comment and give detail on where they are, and how to get to them. Thanks.

  1. Afghan (done)
  2. Derail (done)
  3. Estate (done)
  4. Highrise (done)
  5. Invasion
  6. Karachi
  7. Quarry (done)
  8. Rundown (done)
  9. Rust (done)
  10. Skidrow
  11. Sub Base (done)
  12. Terminal (done)
  13. Wasteland (done)
  14. Underpass (done)



  • Small shadowed ledge, underneath the Sniper Cliff. There is a tree on this small ledge, along with a small bush. Not great cover, but if you use a ghillie suit, you'll be hard to see. [SNIPER]
  • The twin pipes above the large cave opening. You must get onto the plane's wing, then run and jump off the corner of the right wing towards the pipes. Button mash the jump button until your up on the pipes. (Commando Pro recommended.) [SNIPER]
  • Small ledge to the right of the pipes. You can either jump off the wing to the ledge, or off the pipes to the ledge. Again, Commando Pro is recommended in case you fall. [SNIPER]
  • The 2 poppy fields. Going prone can help maximise your cover. Ghillie suit can help. [AMBUSH]
  • On top of the Stryker tank, directly behind the TF141 spawn. Jump on the rock to the right, and run-jump onto the tank's corner. [HIDING]
  • (reserved)
  • (reserved)


  • Inside any of the train cars. Can be used as an ambush tactic. [AMBUSH]
  • Inside the stores of the town. Several have a 2nd Story, good for sniping. [SNIPER]
  • Small lumber house to the right of the red train front, close to the town. Can be used as a quick route to the flag in CTF. [HIDING]
  • (reserved)
  • (reserved)


  • On top of the greenhouse. Run up the slanted part of the green house, and jump up the white portions to the top. Best used in Hardcore modes, as killcam is disabled.[SNIPER]
  • Second floor of the house, back area. Run up the stairs, to the two windows above the empty pool. You can get on the railing, and hop up above the windows. Not great cover, but nice hiding spot. [AMBUSH]
  • Underneath stairs to the right of the greenhouse. You must go prone, and crawl underneath the stairs, to the right of the basement of the greenhouse. (have to crawl in backwards to face outwards.) Small window to look into greenhouse basement. Slow to crawl out however. [HIDING]
  • On roof of the boathouse. go outside the boathouse, to the right side (looking AT the boathouse). Climb on the gren chair, then on the barrels. Hop onto the powerline post, and then onto the roof. Takes a little practice. Good sniping position, hard to see on the ground. [SNIPER]
  • (reserved)

Highrise (notorious for many hiding spots.)

  • Second floor of southern red building. (most common) Climb onto the elevator building roof, and onto the yellow I-bar bridge. (can also go on the small edge behind the elevator building, onto the small metal holder. Get onto the yellow railing, and onto the I-bar bridge.) When at the end of the small bridge, hop onto the crane. You can go right, and head towards the red building. Follow the edge until you get to the vent, crouch through, and your on the second floor edge. [SNIPER]
  • (continues from first spot), Follow the 2nd floor edge until you get to the other wall. Break the window, and get onto the yellow metal holder. Great sniping spot, hard to be seen or hit without FMJ. [SNIPER]
  • (continues from first spot) On the crane, instead of going right, go left to the very end of the crane. Climb onto the yellow railing, and onto the horizontal twin bars going up. (can climb on either one.) You can head to the top of the crane, crouch, and TADA! Amazing sniper spot! Very hard to see unless you actually look at the top of the crane. [SNIPER]
  • (continues from first) On the crane, head back to the red southern building. But instead of going along the small edge, jump to the windows below. Surprising entrance to anyone who witnesses. [AMBUSH]
  • On the elevator roof, jump to the green generators close the the support beams of the Kreigler sign. You can run up the bar onto the sign, and even to the small edge on the Northern white building. (cannot get to the roof on the side of the tilted girder.) [AMBUSH - SNIPER]
  • Classic hiding spot, very well known. At the right side of the white building, run towards the "falling" girder. Jump at the very last second (lightweight and marathon help greatly here.) onto the yellow part. Once you make contact, LET GO OF ALL MOVEMENT CONTROLS! You character will automatically cling to the girder like it were a ladder, all you have to do is climb up. Follow the small edge to the tilted girder (remember spot 5?), climb on, and go to the roof. Follow the small edge, onto the main part of the roof with the teddies. Congratulations, you've reached the best and hardest of the Highrise hiding spots! [SNIPER]
  • Go to the heli pad, and on top, towards the large gas tank. (not the barrels) Once on the ground its on, go prone. You can go UNDER the metal see-through edge of the heli-pad. Good sniping spot or clear view of the Spetnaz spawn. [SNIPER]
  • In the red building, go to the stairs leading to the underground tunnel of Highrise. Don't go down it though, jump onto the railing, and down below onto the boxes. You can ambush anyone who comes down the stairs. (claymores are helpful here in the tunnel so people don't see you on the boxes.) [AMBUSH]
  • At the 3 way intersection on the right side of the map, (leading into the underground tunnel, or otherwise known as the Green Room.) Look over the edge behind the room, you can see a girder on either side of the tunnel entrance, you can use these to travel along the map without beind spotted. (usually) Don't drop to the lower girders, the fall will kill you even with Commando Pro. [AMBUSH]




  • From the Tf141 spawn, go under the bridge between the two buildings. Look for a small path up through the blocks, and head behind the giant granite silo on the right, to a small cubby hole. There are two blocks that convieniently , look like stairs. Climb up these to find (ironically) some sleeping bags, a fire, pots, and such, making this (again, ironic) a Camping Spot. [HIDING - SNIPER]
  • At the Tf141 spawn again, go to the right side building wiht the bridge intersecting. There is a ladder near the back of the warehouse with a ladder. Climb up this to the top, which is a small bridge crossing from one end of the warehouse, to the other. You can view out of the windows on either side, and even land on the support beams to ambush enemies. [AMBUSH - SNIPER]
  • At the Militia spawn, go into the warhouse with the gas tanks outside. There is a raised ladder near the wall, which you can jump up to. Same as the highrise white building spot, don't move once you grab hold of the ladder. You can then climb up, to a sweet hiding spot. [HIDING - SNIPER]
  • In the warehouse as before, go up the small ramp behind the SAM tank. Go around the right side to the railing, which you can jump onto the SAM tank's missles. Not amazing cover, but people won't notice you at first. [AMBUSH]
  • (Best spot of all) Go to the concrete pouring ramp towards the red barrels spot, but instead of oging into the area, stop at the alcove in the wall. Notice something? A cubby hole and a metal ramp going to ah igher spot. How to get up? Very hard. You have to throw a Care Package just precisely so you can jump on the package, then run-jump at the small wall. Takes a few tries, but it is worth it. Look up some YouTube videos with the words "modern warfare 2 hiding spots", some will be elevator glitches, but several will show proof of this hiding spot. [ALL 3]
  • Go to the northeast area of the map, near the Militia spawn. Go outside of the building with the bulldozer in it, and look at the corner a little to your right. There should be a small opening. You can come in here to operate killstreaks safely, or ambush people. [AMBUSH - HIDING]


  • In the cantina on the TF141 side, you can go up the ramp to the second floor, cross any of the 3 wooden beams, and you are in a great ambush spot in case anyone comes into the cantina. [AMBUSH]
  • The empty canal under the bridges is a great place to hide, and sneak onto the bridges. [HIDING]
  • The gas station is also good for hiding in to ambush anyone hwo spawns in the area. This isn't common however because the battle doesn't go on over here. [HIDING]
  • The small sandbagged area with the Mounted MG on them. This can be tricky to reach, but the cover is great. Only your head shows. To get up here climb on the brick wall directly below the sandbags. You can jump onto this small area. [All 3]
  • head towards the small courtyard near the middle of the map. (militia side) Look for a small wall with a tree and grass on it. Get on, and look a little to your left. There should be a small wooden ledge you can jump onto and look below. [AMBUSH]
  • (reserved)


  • At the start of the large round pipe, look behind it. There should be a large, open, drainage pipe. You can run and lcimb into this. You are extremely hard to notice unless someone comes close. Handy in CTF to ambush the flag carrier. [AMBUSH - HIDING]
  • Travel on the large pipe again to the very end, without taking that left hand turn. At the very end, you'll reach the fence. This is very nice to snipe at any tower campers. You can also ambush people running underneath. [AMBUSH - SNIPER]
  • Go to the 4 large silos. In between them, facing the fence, is a small space which you can hide in to ambush unsuspecting players. [AMBUSH]
  • Go underneath the tower. There should be a wall a little bit higher than your character that you can climb onto and guard the ladder. [AMBUSH]


Sub Base

  • In the room with the giant computer in the middle, run up the stairs and the first window on your right, break. Follow along the edge until you find this small space behind the window that you can hide at. Your hard to notice unless someone sees you from below. [SNIPER - HIDING]
  • (reserved)
  • (reserved)


  • From the spetsnaz spawn in the large room with the luggage on the floor and the elevators in the glass, go towards the escalators. Look to the left of the very left escalator, next to the landing with the ladder. There is a small crevice which you can hide in and ambush anyone who runs past. very hard to notice here. [AMBUSH]
  • On the landing from the previous spot, break the large window and go onto the red roof. Notice the next large window to your left? Break that, then jump onto the frame (similar to estate). Your hard to notice, unless of course, they look up. People in the plane can also see you. Commando pro is helpful here. [AMBUSH - SNIPER]
  • The backroom of the Burger Town can be useful to hide in. The only problem is someone may see you inside and shoot between the hotdog slits. [HIDING]
  • Go up the inflatable ramp, but don't go into the plane. You should stand right ouside the doorway. Turn to your right, towards the blue and white containers. You can hop towards these and hide in a small crevice around the corner. [HIDING - AMBUSH]
  • (reserved)


  • This is a big but very flat map, so not many hiding spots. The first is at the roof-less house. It is possible to snipe up here, but i am still finding out how to get up here. [SNIPER]
  • It is possible to go outside the radiation barrier, by spawning with painkiller active. Use a marathon character and run into the barrier immediately while jumping. Eventually the effects of painkiller will wear off, and the radiation will stop. Now you can roam without harm of the radiation. But be warned, once you step outside the barrier and back in, the radiation will kick in again to kill you. [ALL 3]
  • (reserved)


  • In the area with the shipping containers, teher are many nooks and crannies to hide and plant a tactical. Very handy for camoflauge and ambush. However, there is very limited view while prone. [HIDING - AMBUSH]
  • In the warehouse with the stairs, climb onto the railing to the left of the stairs. Then onto the giant silo, and onto the catwalk. This is a decent spot, but you can get onto the catwalk's railing, crouch, and get onto the support beams. Perfect ambush tactic, as you are extremely hard to see from underneath. However, the fall WILL kill you. Commando Pro is required. [AMBUSH]
  • Go to the triple silos next to the warehouse. The one on the right will have a ladder, climb it, and get on the railing facing the small buildings (the roofs have a blue water container on top). With a careful jump, you can get onto the roofs of these buildings. Good sniping, and sneak attacks on anyone beneath you. [SNIPER - AMBUSH]
  • In the small dried up canal, go towards the steep stairs. In the corner, behind the trash, you can crouch and attack anyone going up or down the stairs. Anyone coming down the canal will see you easily however. [AMBUSH]
  • (reserved)

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