ok so i posted this to an admin and he said to make a blog about it sooooo.... thats what im doing

I was wondering if you could make a permanent forum/page for people looking to join clans. I know there is a page listing some of the clans and who to contact to join them but I dont think too many people go to those pages and I dont know how many people are making legit clans. im just saying i dont think people should have to sift thru the clans to find a good one that is still up and running. I will help with it f you give me authorization or whatever it is i need to be able to make and maintain a forum/page. i could send messages every month to see what clans (listed under Community->Usergroups->Console Groups) are still up and running(i dont have X-Box Live tho so i can only send messages directly via Playstation Network). if there is no response or they say the clan isnt up and running anymore i could remove their clan from the list. i have been trying to make a clan for months and so far no success.

i need to know what the community thinks about this idea

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