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    Earlier this year, a small convention dedicated to Call of Duty fittingly titled "Call of Duty XP" occurred, and promised all attendees a hardened edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. What they weren't told, however, was that they would all receive the game one day before everybody that didn't attend.

    UPDATE: Nothing will happen to you if your copy was obtained legitimately, but Activision requests that you wait until Tuesday.

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  • Poketape

    In an interview with CVG, Glen Schofield was asked about the future of the Sledgehammer Games CoD title put on hiatus and responded that the game will most likely be cancelled. Sledgehammer Games was planned to be added to the yearly game cycle, but after what happened at Infinity Ward, it was brought on to help make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The title itself was planned to be third person and in the action genre.


    1. Computer and Video Games - Modern Warfare 3: 'Our engine is a Porsche - copy and paste critics have no idea'
    2. Game Informer - Call of Duty action title likely cancelled.
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  • Poketape

    Recall a certain incident involving Well, Activision decideded to take the creator, a Mr. Anthony Abraham to court over the case.

    Originally the website made as a fansite for the game; however after the release of the world reveal the website was reportedly "hacked" with claims on the site stating that Modern Warfare 3 is a copy and paste of Modern Warfare 2, Abraham registered the domain name in 2009 and recently had it redirect to the Battlefield 3 website.

    Until now, redirected to Battlefield 3's mainpage. Now however, it simply leads to a page with an error message.

    Today, however, Activision won its case against creator Anthony Abraham after succesfully proving that that the domain n…

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  • Poketape

    Nazi Zombies Leaked!

    August 13, 2010 by Poketape

    A Gamestop employee recently accidentally leaked information to a customer about the details of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Apparently the four exclusive co-op levels included in the special editions of the game are the four Nazi Zombies maps upgraded with the CoD7 engine. View the full article here:

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  • Poketape

    CoD vs. Battlefield

    August 3, 2010 by Poketape

    Recently I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 because some friends recommended it to me. We all used to play CoD: MW2 together, but now we play Battlefield together instead as CoD has gotten a little old. Battlefield, with its vehicles, classes, and different xp and upgrade system is very different from CoD. So I was wondering, do people prefer CoD, with its perks, completely changable classes, and killstreaks, or Battlefield, with its vehicles, set classes that are changable to a certain degree, and different xp and upgrade system? Please comment with your choice and why you like it over the other.

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