Recall a certain incident involving Well, Activision decideded to take the creator, a Mr. Anthony Abraham to court over the case.

Originally the website made as a fansite for the game; however after the release of the world reveal the website was reportedly "hacked" with claims on the site stating that Modern Warfare 3 is a copy and paste of Modern Warfare 2, Abraham registered the domain name in 2009 and recently had it redirect to the Battlefield 3 website.


Until now, redirected to Battlefield 3's mainpage. Now however, it simply leads to a page with an error message.

Today, however, Activision won its case against creator Anthony Abraham after succesfully proving that that the domain name was "confusingly similar" to a certain trademark held by Activision, that the current owner had no right or legitimate interest in the domain, and that the current owner was using it in bad faith.

Trying to access will now lead to an error message.


  1. Game Informer - Activision Wins Case Against MW 3 Spoof Site
  2. National Arbitration Forum - Activision Publishing, Inc. v. Anthony Abraham, Claim Number: FA1107001398954

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