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  • My occupation is Potato
  • I am Unspecified
  • PotatOS

    The events concerning Call of Duty (not only Black Ops 2) seem to be piling on without an end. Just now, a new Black Ops 2 pre-order case was leaked from Italian game retailer Esposizone. According to the case, Blops 2 will come out the 13th of November, as expected.

    In other news, Stealth Clown has created a new gaming studio called Robotaki. Apparently, it is him "self-funding the new studio initiative and is taking a different approach to developing games." He also claimed that "Robotoki already has a new title in the works. The project is said to be revealed later this year, and will be heading to mobile, PC, and next generation consoles. With focus being on universe, we aim to create experiences that transcend platforms and genres and allo…

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  • PotatOS

    Hello there! After MONTHS (no, seriously, MONTHS) of IW forgetting about Clan Ops, they have finally began doing them again. Apparently, there will be many Clan Ops this month, with the first two being announced on April 11 and happening on April 12 & 13. These events are (for now) only happening on PS3, but as soon as I find an xbawcks leader, they will happen there too. Since the Bronze Medal apparently now consists of simply participating, we must shoot higher and try to get a Silver Medal! If you need an invite to the ELITE clan, drop one by here!


    Note: Everyone can participate, but only the scores of the highest 6 premium members are counted.

    • 8P…

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  • PotatOS

    Editors, admins, friends, hai thar. We held our 2nd Clan Op on the 26th of February, and two people attended: Engi (gic1998) and myself. Yay. Together, we racked up 100 TDM kills in three hours, yet we were only active one hour. Some quick maths on projecting our chances on getting into the top 50%: The minimum combined amount of kills to get into the top 50% was 700 kills in three hours. We got 100 kills in one hour, so if we would've played for the whole three, we would've gotten 300 kills. With two people. The top 6 premium members of each clan count, so if even 4 or 5 show up, we have pretty good chances of qualifying if we play the whole three hours. So, Clan XP is in reach! Anyway, the next Clan Op will be on the 2nd of March. It wil…

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  • PotatOS

    Hello there community. We held our World at War event today and our first Clan Ops mini event! 50 people attended the former, while only 3 attended the latter, but that's ok. The next CDWC Clan Operation will be tomorrow, February 26th, and it involves a much more simple objective! As always, message Sam for the Xbox Ops and me for the PS3 events. If you need an invite to the ELITE clan, drop one by here. Enjoy!


    • 8AM - 11AM EST (You can see when it is in your time zone here.

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    • Most kills - Team Deathmatch. Pretty straightforward.

    • 2,500 Clan XP for the top clan
    • 1,000 Clan XP for the top 10% of clans
    • 500 Clan XP for the top 25% of clans
    • 250 Clan XP for the to…

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  • PotatOS

    Hello there dear community! Clan Operations are up and running, so lets go earn some XP! If you are part of our official Wiki clan, you may also choose to sign up for out Call of Duty ELITE clan. Why? Well, the ELITE clan will have their own playing time during the Clan Operations, which will probably be two or three times a week. These series of blogs will be promoting each mini-event, giving you up-to-date information! This will be the first of such events; if you want an invite just message me for the PS3 clan, or Sam for the XBOX events. We especially encourage Premium members to join the events, however regular members will be just fine as the goal in this is to create more community interaction. Enjoy, and as always, have fun!

    YOU MUS…

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