So, I read the other thread about a continuation, and the other one was getting too messy, so I started a new one. This is how it goes: Everybody posts an Idea to the current state, and we Vote for the best. Then it keeps going and going and going. We will have about 15 Missions, and the last one should be about killing Makarov in a critical situation, much like Shepherd. So, I will start off.

Mission 1: Old dogs can't learn new tricks...right? TF141

Is that a good name?

You are in a helicopter with Nikolai, who is flying you to his "Secret Place". I would leave out the helicopter-ambush Idea as in the first mission, a player will always get to know the controls, run parcours and stuff like that. So, the secret place he flies you to, turns out to be an abandoned russian village on the Russian-Afghanian border. He tells you a bit of history of it. Early on, it was a russian HQ in the WWII, but it got ambushed and everything left the village. As it was a military-city, there is a parcour and a training range, even though a bit old. The guns you will have to run the parcour, as Nikolai asks you to do so to see if you are "still fit", will be Price's SCAR-H and maybe a M9 or Desert Eagle or something like that. You will NOT be stunned anymore, as Price gave you medical support on the Helicopter, or something like that. Well, after running the Parcours, the mission ends.

Mission 2: On your way out. TF141

Is that a good name?

Ok, well then the second mission is still in the village, but have some of the Shadow Company Remnants ambushing you in the village. They are being led by "Oxide" from Just Like Old Times. After defeating the first wave, Nikolai starts up the chopper. He asks you to cover him, with Price helping you. This should also introduce any new game mechanics, and as such, the rest of the mission should be linear, ending up in the old town center, with a dramatic airborne rescue by grabbing on to the passing Little Bird.

Mission 3: Back in the fight. Rangers

Is that a good name?

You will find youself fighting in NY, retaking it from the Russians, who are very weak from the effects of the EMP, and they are also outnumbered. Well, you will just keep fighting in the streets of NY, until you will start to see that are Russians are fleeing. But then, a shocking fact reaches you (eventually Overload will tell you that) : The russians have send a bunch of F15's, who are planning to carpet-bomb the city. Then the screen fades black.

Mission 4: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. TF141

I rephrased it. Does it sounds better now?

You start out on top of a cliff in Russia. You are right over battlefield, seeing Russians and Shadow Company fighting. You are just about to shoot the 2 forces when a Voice starts talking to you. "This is Oxide from Shadow Company. Do not shoot us, the russians have us outnumbered. If you choose to help us, we will cooperate to find Makarov". Price accepts the deal. They provide Sniper Covering fire from the Cliff, taking out most of the Russian Forces. Then, you see Ships coming from the horizont, probable Reinforcements. You fight your way to ground level, and after boarding the Ship, the Mission ends.

Mission 5: I Live for my Country. I fight for my Country. I die for my Country. Rangers

It turns out that the Rangers were duped. The Rangers were tricked into retreating (the Russians still had the ACS), so the Russians are given enough time to send reinforcements. Just as Overlord says "Something isn't right," You turn back and see New York being shelled to oblivion by Russian Battleships. As the remaining active F-15s ( or F-22s or F-35s) desperately try to hold off the MiG-29s and Su-35s. Sadly, you watch as the American pilots are being shot down. Foley orders you to move. Ramirez hesitates, then gets into the remaining Humvees. For the rest of the mission, you control an anti-aircraft version of the Humvee, taking out Su-25s and (new) Ka-50 Kamovs. Near the end, the driver gets hit, and the Humvee veers off course. Foley and Dunn risk their lives by stopping the entire convoy, but successfully rescue Ramirez. Then, as you are seated into the back seat of Foley's Humvee, you see a missile incoming just as the screen blacks out.

Mission 6: Meeting Shadow Company. TF141

This Mission will just be A video. Like not the Normal Boom-Boom Bang Bang. It will just be in a HQ with Shadow Company, briefing details about Makarov, making Plans, etc.

Mission 7: Bigger Force, Bigger chance. Shadow Company

As you get off the ship, there are 2 roads. One leads to Pripyiat and the other one to Chernobyl. Shadow Company goes to Chernobyl and TF 141 goes to Pripyiat. As you reach Chernobyl, (You are playing Shadow Company!) you find out that this was Makarov's old base. You try to contact TF 141, but you hear static, and then you are dragged into an ambush. You fight your way back to Pripyiat. When you reach Pripyiat, you are trapped in an abandoned prison and you see the TF 141.

Mission 8: Now it's our turn! Rangers

Ramirez regains conciousness about 3 days after New York. You wake up in a cot. The steady swaying motion indicates you are on a ship. As you stand, a med tech comes in and tells you Foley is waiting at the bridge. After exploring the ship a while( give the player some freedom, would you kindly?) you reach the bridge. To your surprise, Raptor is there. He turns out to be the Vice President.(As of now, the President's condition is unknown) He motions you to stand over the map of Russia. With Foley, Dunn, and some Marines, Raptor announces the invasion of Russia. He explains that Moscow will be attacked, Blitzkreig-style. Because the Russkies have the ACS, Raptor declares that all electronics(except Red dots, Holos, and the bare neccesities for vehicles to operate) be turned off. After his battleplan, Ramirez and Company move towards the Ospreys. As Ramirez's foot steps onto the Heli, another loading screen will appear. After this, you are immediatley thrust into the battle. Your Osprey has landed, along with some Marines, Dunn, and Foley, and are under heavy fire while you are in Red Square. The statue of Zakhaev is crumbling, and the Kremlin is collapsing before your eyes. Foley orders you to cover him, as he and Dunn move into position to take out a T-80 that is firing on you. However, when Foley arrives, he is shot by a sniper, even though it only hit his hand. After killing the sniper, Ramirez rushes over to Foley. He is okay, but needs to be evacuated. Dunn covers you, and you need to do some mini-games, like in Endgame. Thats it for now. I'll finish it later.

Mission 9: Never trust your Enemy. TF141

Anyways, now that we are cuddling with Shadow company, they head to the most logical place for Makarov to be Uzbekistan and kill him. Price and another member of the TF give some sniper support, while Oxide himself and Soap go with one SC soldier and one TF141 soldier to do some recon. When Soap and Co. get to the first vantage point, they are ambushed by some mercs that Makarov hired to protect him. Soap easily eliminates 9 of them, then shoots one that is trying to escape. Oxide interrogates him, asking where Makarov is going to be, then he is told Makarov is just about to escape and that you are too late. After Oxide is finished, he executes the Merc. To He says"C'mon! We got work to do!" You get inside a truck and start chasing Makarov along With SC and the rest is a bit like game over but with more action and interactivness. At the end of the chase, Makarov's truck crashes and you get out of the truck ready to excecute him but as you raise the pistol, Oxide shoots Soap in the chest, then quickly orders the one SC soldier to kill the other TF141 soldier. As you are on the ground, you see the TF141 soldier overpower and kill the SC soldier, but Oxide then empties what is left of his 92FS's magazine into the TF141. He reloads, then walks over to you. He simply aims, then shoots at you.Click! The gun jams. He clears the jam, he fires, but it jams again. He continues, until his magazine is empty. Distraught, he than just kicks 5 times in the stomach. You see MacMillian and Oxide walking away, and Makarov running away from the other side. You whisper, "Traitor!". Then you black out.

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