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Error Code 8001050F

PotatOS March 1, 2010 User blog:PotatOS

Hey guys,

I was playing MW2 for about 2 Hours Online, and suddenly, it froze. So I switched it off, then on, and suddenly it said: "Cannot connect to PSN. This is an Error (8001050F).

I tried again, same. I re-loaded my Internet, same. I restarted the System, same.

So I did some Research on the Web, and people said it is a realy tough one, I should avoid it at all costs, etc. So my heart stopped for a brief second, and then I saw that a lot of people had the same problem.

So, I'd like to ask YOU guys, what to do and if this is also happening to you!

Regards, w567123daniel

P.S: I can't even play Single-Player! It says there are no trophies and it has to Quit or something like that!

P.S.S: Even my Date reverted back to 12/31/1999!

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