Hello there, CoD Wiki community! I'm sure most of you know me. Now, what I'm trying to do here, for I think a FOURTH time, is to establish a MAG Wikia Task Force.

To be honest, the MAG wikia is one of the crappiest wikis I have ever seen. Red links, spelling fails, bad pages EVERYWHERE. This is why we need YOU! You don't really need to have the game to contribute, alone fixing spelling mistakes would be great! Right now, we have a project going on where you make seperate pages for each weapon - you don't need the game to do that, as well. It's basically a matter of copy-pasting and common sense! Here it is, and we will really appreciate if you guys would help out!


  1. Scotland the Best
  2. Vinnv226
  3. BravoAlphaSix
  4. Warpanda13

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