Hey guys, I'd like to know what is your most epic fail in any CoD game, be it Co-Op,Campaign, or multiplayer!

I will start off:

So, I was playing at Der Riese. At first, I bought Speed Cola only to get downed instantly. Then I bought Juggernog only for the same thing to happen. Then I bought Speed Cola again, only to fail epicly. Somehow, though, I managed to keep my Upgraded Browning. However, when I wanted to upgrade my Thompson, I got downed, and this time I did not get revived. Till now, I wasted 8500 Points on Perks and 5000 Points on the Pack-a-Punch. When I went to the Mystery Box, I got the Wunderwaffe DG-2! But guess what, I got downed before I could take it. The next 5 Rounds, I kept buying the STG-44 off the wall cause I had just plain bad luck, and I got downed twice every round. At the end, everybody had like 250 Kills, and I was there with 100 Kills and like 20 or 30 Downs and another guy with like 15 Revives...That was the most epic fail at Der Riese

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