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Most Hilarious Game Kill-cam

PotatOS February 6, 2010 User blog:PotatOS

Hey guys,

I'd like to know the most Hilarious game Kill-cam you ever saw! It's not only one that you did, just any funny game Kill-cam!

I'll start: Yesterday, we (me + some friends) were playing Search n' Destroy on Scrapyard. I died, but we were still complete ownage. We had a Harrier. Then come the game-killcam. The Harrier got the kill, BUT it looked like that: The dude that was last alive in the enemy team was battling with 2 of us. 1 of us managed to shoot him. Then the Harrier shoots and gets the kill. Seconds later, you can see a Predator Missile flying right to where the enemy was, and KA-BOOM! No Kill. Only a body. That was so funny!

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