Well, we all know Nazi Zombies. One of the best sub-games ever created. Well, know, I would like to know what improvements they should do / what should they add. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bad-Ass weaponary (AKA Wunderwaffe, Monkey Bomb. Similar things)
  • Map Layouts (Big, AKA Der Riese, or small, AKA Dome in WaW Multiplayer)
  • New Perk-a-Cola (e.g. Marathon. Would save lots of lives in my case...)
  • Location (Again in WaW, Vietnam, heck, maybe even Prypiat...)
  • New Features (e.g. Traits of the characters)
  • New back-story
  • Intelligent Zombies (Maybe some hide. Maybe, very rarely, they can use a gun...)

Well, you get what I mean. Jot down your Ideas here, and lets make this a BIG BIG blog. So, goodnight :D

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