Sledgehamer has just announced new Legendary gear and Retired Variants.

Legendary Gear is a new rarity class higher than Elite. It will be released on June 9th for Xbox, and later for Playstation and PC.

The first new set of legendary gear is the Sentinel CI  (Counter Intelligence) Gear Set.

One set already exits, given to the first Grand Master Prestige player in Advanced Warfare.

You will be able to earn these in Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops.

They will be highlighted in purple. 

Also starting on June 9th, Sledgehammer Games has announced Retired Loot, which is the new system of retiring old variants and loot.

The first round of Retired Variants are confrimed to be:

Atlas 45- Enlisted A3

MP443 Grach- Enlisted Latitude

PDW- Enlisted CQB

Sentinel Mobile Gear

Nigerian Infantry Gear

KVA Mercenary Gear

Sledgehammer Games have announced that the first round of Retired Loot will not be aviable through Supply Drops or Advanced Supply Drops after June 9th for Xbox, later for Playstation and PC.

The Retired Gear will be highlighted in red, and if you already have this gear, you can keep it, it will not be removed from your armory after June 9th.

However, if you choose to scrap the Retired Loot after June 9th, you will not be able to get it back. This also increases the rarity of these items as well.


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