Sledgehammer has recently announced more Royalty Elite Gun Variants.

These new variants will released on June 23rd for Xbox One. These guns will be available to Playstation and PC in about a month.

These variants have not been announced for Xbox 360 due to hardware issues.

On top of the current Royalty Elite Guns we have, here are the next to come:

  • Stinger M7
  • Bulldog
  • Ohm
  • PDW
  • MDL
  • Crossbow
  • IMR
  • ARX-160
  • Atlas 20mm
  • NA-45
  • AMR9
  • Lynx

These Variants will be avaible through Supply Drops and Normal Supply Drops

2 things to note:

In the image of the guns,

  • The AMR9 has a Grenade Launcher, and in terms of Elite Variants, this would be the AMR9 Pro Pipe.
  • The Bulldog has a Target Enhancer, and in terms of Elite Variants, this would be the Bulldog Mancy.


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