Retired Loot Facts and Opinions 

(When I thought of this idea, l liked the idea of mixing in facts and opinions together and this is the final product. Feel free to state your mind on the case or respond to what I thought. Thanks!)

 The Facts

It was recently announced that Sledgehammer Games will be retiring loot for Advanced Warfare after June 9th.

Some of the retired loot first round items were variants.

Such as the:

  • Atlas 45- A3
  • PDW- CQB
  • MP443 Grach- Latitude

All of these will not be able to be earned in any way after June 9th for Xbox, later relase date for Playstation and PC.

If you already have these variants, you can keep them after June 9th, but if redeemed, won't be able to be earned again.

 My Opinions

  • I believe that retiring this loot may be opening slots for new variants for other guns.
  • Retiring loot may be opening space for other things, like future DLC camos.
  • I beilieve that people who already have this loot should get a better benefit than currently given, like a slight stat change.
  • If you notice that all the guns on the Retired List are enlisted, so that means that most likely only enlisted variants are to be retired.
  • I believe that the MDL Proper will be one of the next guns to be retired, because it has no stat changes and being an enlisted gun. The only thing changed is a white camo.

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