Alright, time to start analyzing and speculating the new map, Buried.


So, the new map appears to take place in an old town that used to be a mining town, where the players have access to the local mine. The mine is likely mountainside, because the town is likely covered due to a large rock slide from the collapse of a mountain or cliff. The collapse likely happened before anybody left the town, because of the fact that the town still has electricity and zombies, who likely died as the result of the collapse. The map probably takes place after Die Rise, as there is sunlight shining down into the now subterrainean town, meaning that the clouds of debris and dust from the rockets have settled.


The new perk machine is red, and has a Western-ish styling to the machine, given the location of the map. Judging by all of the previous new perks in the Black Ops 2 maps, except for Mob of the Dead, they have all been reviving-related perks. There is a good chance that this one will be as well.

Wonder Weapon

Okay, so the new wonder weapon we have all seen is the Ray Gun MKII. This will probably not be the staple wonder weapon of the new map, as it will appear in all of the maps. Personally, I think the new wonder weapon will be dual-wielded or a handgun, given that the map is in the west.

Weird Hillbilly Enemy

So this is probably the hardest thing to figure out. I mean, seriously. A Hillbilly? There is a good chance that this guy was a resident of the town, and got imprisoned. His prison cell is likely what prevented him from getting killed by the collapse. He appears to be a bit malnourished, given the condition of his body. It looks like he will try to kill you because of the insanity that comes from getting locked up in a cell for too long.

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