1. I tried to kill someone across the map with a M9

2. I tried to destroy a Harrier with a USP.45

3. I attempted to jump off a roof to evade a Predator Missile and landed in front of a Minigun.

When Other People Failed:

1. I was called a noob tuber because I fired a grenade at people for the reason my gun was out of ammo, my secondary was low on ammo, and there were three people just standing around.(they were apperently boosting, as they returned to the same spot and laid down a Tac Insert. and killed each other

2. I got called a quickscoper by someone using Sleight of Hand Pro, Stopping Power Pro, and Steady Aim Pro, and an Intervention. My class was: Scavenger Pro, Hardline Pro, Sitrep Pro, and a M240

3. Someone killed me and started teabagging my body, and when I came back for a Payback Kill, he was still teabagging my body.


Write about your/other peoples Epic CoD Fails here

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