Hello everybody, i'm Proyect_V. First of all i want to say that i'm not from North America and since i'm still learning english it would be a great help if you guys could help me to fix the posible gramaticall errors that i`m going to make, now chancing the subject i create this blog actually to spare my ideas with you and hopefull in the comentaries you'll going to spare your ideas with me to.

Now, what is a Perk-A-Cola? Are special drinks that give the player unique abilities until they are downed (like juggernog, Mule kick, Double Tap Root Beer, Speed Cola, etc) or that are actived when the player is downed (Quick Revive, Tombstone Soda and Who's who). Now Where do they come from? Well thats hard to ansewr because there are a lot of theories for qhere those drinks come from, but my favorite one (and the most logicall to me) is that there where created by Doctor Edward Richtofen in an effor to help the germans to win the second world war. And now that we know a few basicall things let's go to the point of this post, i'm actually thinking in made some new Perk-A-Cola with your help, since i have a few ideas it would be your decision to chose wich one should i put all my atention and not only that, also i want you guys to tell me your ideas and see if one of those drinks could be close to what the posible new perks-a-cola going to be, and also to see what would be the perk-a-cola of the month. and with that i hope you guys could spare you'r ideas with us and "fight" for getting your perk-a-cola in the place of the perk-a-cola of the month(remember i'm not good in english so if you see a mistake or gramaticall error help me and put it on the post, thanks).

Perk-A-Cola (Effect work until downed)

This are some perks ideas i have in this category:


This Drink cost 2000 points and make the players bullets, melee and grenades damage increase by 25% meaning that the player would need less bullets to kill the zombies, this perk is brown colored and it has a muscle with tattoos of bullets. This Perk-a-Cola would help the players to save bullets and is very useful in the higher rounds of the game, however this perk don't make stronger the damage of special granades or wonder weapons( I will try to make a jingle for this one, but so far enjoy the description. Also im going to try to make the perk logo, but i'm really bad with drawing).

Perk-A-Cola (Effect work after downed)

This are some pewrks ideas i have in this category:

Downed's Wine

This Drink cost 1500 points and when a player is down, the player can chose to respawn in the closet's ally(if you'r playing solo you respawn in the spawn point). But you respawn with the weapon you were using before down but with only 3 mags left, if you survive the entire round you will get back all you'r guns, perks(Of curse you not recive the Downed's Wine) and recive a Max Ammo. This Perk-a-Cola it's more ussefull when you'r playing with allies since in solo it's hard to survive with only 3 mags left, also if you get downed while using this perk effect you'r allies can still revive you before you die for the second and last time, this Perk is withe colored and it's logo is a soul getting out of his body and in a figthing stance. (I will try to make ajingle for this one, but so far enjoy the decription. Also i'm going to try to make the perk logo)

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