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    After last week’s question about the new maps in the Uprising pack, we’re shifting our attention to the what some might consider the main draw, the new “Mob of the Dead” Zombies map. Featuring some really big Hollywood names as the main cast, how did you guys enjoy the experience? We here at the office found the Alcatraz/San Francisco setting to be very cool, but then again we’re pretty biased as we’re based in SF.

    That said, how do you feel the Mob of the Dead gameplay compares to the other Zombies maps? Was Afterlife Mode unique enough to make the game stand out for you? Let us know what you hated/liked in the comments below, but don’t dare complain about the Golden Spork, because that’s just awesome.

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    Black Ops 2’s Uprising map pack DLC arrived earlier today, so thanks for pulling yourself away for a few moments to read this post!  Now that you’ve had a few hours to play around with it, we’d like to hear what kind of strategies you’ve developed for the new maps.

    Does the deadly lava in Magma require any special consideration? What kind of loadouts have been working for you on Encore? Have you found any particularly successful ambush points on Vertigo?

    We’re trying to gauge what works best for each of the maps and get your tips back to the community asap, so your help is appreciated. Just don’t hoard all that sweet intel for yourself, a killstreak is sweet, but the respect of the COD Wiki is forever! Hit the comments below with your best ti…

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