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    This blog was deleted... but thanks for everyones advice.

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    • Never point your weapon at anyone or anything youre not willing to shoot
    • Consider all weapons as loaded
    • Clear all weapons during issue and turn-in at a designated safe place or as instructed
    • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are prepared to engage your target
    • Dont shoot anything you cant positively identify
    • Know whats behind your target
    • Keep weapon on safe until ready to fire
    • Never accept a weapon unless you can visually see that its on SAFE and is CLEAR
    • A bullet doesnt stop until it stops

    SPORTS: (Do you do a full SPORTS action?)

    • Slap upward on the bottom of the magazine to ensure good seating
    • Pull charging handle to the rear
    • Observe to see if a round or cartridge casing was ejected and chamberand receiver area are clear
    • Release charging han…

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    Eavesdrop Pro

    April 8, 2010 by Punch2YourFace

    While we are all on the kick of thinking of Pros to old perks that are gone. Id like to see what you guys could come up with for Eavesdrop.I think its funny that we have to be in Game chat for most game modes. But Eavesdrop isnt there anymore.

    Here is mine:

    Eavesdrop Pro: Holding ADS allows you to talk to an enemy player. (Within a certain distance obviosly)

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    March 19, 2010 by Punch2YourFace

    Im tryin to see this one as a Dark, Horror/Action packed thriller. thick leafy jungle... ambushes... traps... night missions with minimum lighting, random chute flares...

    I would love for this game to scare the shit outta me.

    Melee (just in case but with the weapon attachments... these wouldnt really matter)

    M1 bayonet (tac knife)


    Brass Knuckles (50% damage, dazes/ stuns victim)


    FNH Browning H-P Mk III

    Colt M1911A1

    Smith & Wesson Model 15 (USAF M-15) :Would like a SERE mission.



    Colt SAA


    L1A1 (FAL)

    M14 (AUTO)

    M2 Carbine




    Chicom Type-56

    Colt CAR-15


    M1A1 Thompson

    Ingram MAC-10

    S&W M76



    IMI Uzi


    Ithica 37 -Pump

    Remington 11-48 -Semi

    Remington 870 -Pump

    Ranger -Double, Break action

    Sniper Cla…

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    Ok, think back to all FPSs & RPGs you have ever played. You are granted the ability to go into this game. Like Tron & Matirx.

    You can go into this game and go through the campaign. What game would you go into and what weapons would you use? Better yet. Everybody gets 3 games to pick.

    Perfect Dark (N64)

    Metal Gear Solid

    Half Life (yes... I wanna goto Black Mesa)

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