I love the call of duty series. One thing I was hoping for since WaW was the dual attachments. Indeed I was blessed with that little number.

How ever now I am hoping for another little part from MGO (Metal Gear Online). Why not have your own customisable char?

For example.

You make a premade char for each Faction in a creat a class like tab.

You can choose their race, gender, clothing, and other added features like in MGO.

I am aware there would be a million Ghosts running around. Or remakes of other game chars. but it would be nice to make yourself more identifiable to others. and reputations would florish. And it wouldnt be too bad to give the world views in updates and have poeple buy the 1st person skin. Kinda like how half life mods used to work with skins.

Keep in mind that the faction standard colors would be rendered similar so there arent 2 factions all wearing black.

Or just to keep it simple. Choose the uniform you wanna be seen in. what gear you want on you. You like wearin riot gear but dont want the shield.. so be it...

You could keep up regular updates for the market place. But I dont know how much time and bandwidth or what ever it would take. I just play... Im not into the whole programming aspect of it all.

Would be nice. so would a map pack from the other CODs. And scope less sniper rifles... 8) love a good ole iron sighted bolt action rifle... but thats for another day, another convo itself...

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