• Never point your weapon at anyone or anything youre not willing to shoot
  • Consider all weapons as loaded
  • Clear all weapons during issue and turn-in at a designated safe place or as instructed
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are prepared to engage your target
  • Dont shoot anything you cant positively identify
  • Know whats behind your target
  • Keep weapon on safe until ready to fire
  • Never accept a weapon unless you can visually see that its on SAFE and is CLEAR
  • A bullet doesnt stop until it stops

SPORTS: (Do you do a full SPORTS action?)

  • Slap upward on the bottom of the magazine to ensure good seating
  • Pull charging handle to the rear
  • Observe to see if a round or cartridge casing was ejected and chamberand receiver area are clear
  • Release charging handle
  • Tap forward assist button to ensure bolt is fully forward
  • Shoot

( I tend to do the... S... P... R... check )

Firearms are fun to play with and test our mettle. They are not toys. They are very dangerous to others as well as yourself if you dont know what youre doing. They are even more dangerous if you think you know what youre doing when you dont. Do not be mislead by video games. As realistic as they are becoming... there are still minor details in the game that are critical in real life.

I wrote this because there is an individual here who stated "Guns kill poeple and too many poeple know how to use guns". I will agree we all "knnow" how to use a gun. But dont we all know how to swing a stick? Break a bear bottle? Cut meat with a knife?

Everything man can hold in his hands is potentially a weapon. Knowledge is key to safety. Ignorance is the key to danger. Just learn before you attempt. And no one will get unnecessarily injured.

They say video games and movies are poison to our youth and a seed for evil doing. Well... in that case... Charles Manson used the Beatles as the reasoning behind his muders. And poeple wanted to burn books in the 80s. Video games and movie feed our imagination, our hand eye coordination, and challenge our intelligence. Youll never see some one with alzhimers that has a history of gaming.

sorry for this rant... kinda had to type some stuff out and get it outta my head...

P2YF USAF 18:04, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

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