My personal hate list

Hey guys! PwnY x SN1P3R here, even though nobody is going to read this, i'll just write it for the lulz (for me and anybody else who is nice enogh to read this. Recently, i've been enjoying MW3 alot, but notice a few bad stuff about the game itself and about the community. Here's the things that can hopefully be fixed:

 1.  Campers
 2.  Raging 9-year olds who rage on game chat
 3.  9-year olds who think they're better than you because they quickscope and you don't.
 4.  Boosters (Not a problem in MW3 though)
 5.  Sprayers
 6.  Overpowered weapons (FMG9 akimbo, Striker, Type 95 etc.)
  7. Grenade spam -_-
  8.  People stealing care packages
  9.  Useless/nooby teamates who don't help you
  10.  Getting killed from behind (just pisses me off for some reason)

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