Hey there guys! It's PwnY x SN1P3R. As you may know, I'm an Otaku who reads manga alot. One of my favorite series is Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! Around two months ago, I went on the it's wiki. To be hoest, it was HORRRIBLE. Nearly all the articles were stubs and they barely had pictures. Since joining Wikia, i've decided to do an "online renovation" of that wiki to make it acceptable. However, I cannot do that alone. I need fellow Otaku members from this wiki to help me fix that Wiki. It would mean alot to me if anyone can healp me. If you have not read the series yet I encourage you to do so. If you wish to help, message me or send me a message @ PwnY x SN1P3R on XBL or e-mail me: Thanks! -PwnY x SN1P3R

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