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Commando or AKS-47?

Now, just a quick explanation, In the comments below, tell me which one is better: The Commando, or the AK-47? You decide! I like em' both, but one is better!

The Commando: The Commando is the CAR-15 Assault Rifle that is included in the "M16 Family". It is unlocked at Rank 44. I especially like the Commando for it's low recoil and moderate damage. With the Suppressor and Red Dot Sight, The Commando is a BEAST! I myself, has a Gold Camo Commando with the RDS and Suppressor. Sleight of Hand Pro is not necessary because the Commando already has a fairly short reload time, plus Multiple Attachments, so you pretty much get the "Best of Both Worlds"

The AK-47: AW, man! I LOVED this gun! It's the one and only, AK47! Developed by the Soviet Union, the Ak47 is a powerful Gas-Operated weapon. Despite it's very high damage, it has a high recoil! But that can be fixed with the Suppressor attachment! Since the Iron sights on the AK47 aren't too shabby, the Red Dot Sight isn't necessary, in my opinion, I don't recommend the RDS AT ALL! Since the Ak47 has the Same Reload time as it's mini counterpart, the Ak74u, the AK47 has a slow reload time, so I would advise you to use Sleight of Hand Pro. It will defiantly benefit you in close combat gun fights. I didn't mention that I ALSO have a Gold Ak47! :3

Both are very amazing weapons, but only one is the best! You decide by putting it in the comments!

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