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Beginning my new prestige,

A little while back i entered prestiege mode again, but then didn't play for a few days, and now I'm thinking, what weapon/perk/equipment setups should I go for? In terms of what do I want Fall camo on, pro perks, mastery, and all that good stuff that would require more work with that. Before I used the following:

Primary Weapons:

M4A1, M16, UMP .45, Intervention, AUG HBAR, and ACR

Secondary Weapons:

M93 Raffica, SPAS-12, Striker, .44 Mag, Desert Eagle


Holographic Sight, FMJ, Tac Knife


Scavenger, Marathon, Lightweight, Stopping Power, Commando, Ninja, Steady Aim


Semtex, CA, Tac Insertion


UAV, Predetor Missle, Harriers, Chopper Gunner, AC130

So i guess the point of his was to hear reccomendations on what I should focus on for this prestiege.

                  • Sorry for the mispelling of the title, usually I am better at that, type-o.

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