• Qwerty16761

    Underrated Guns

    August 27, 2012 by Qwerty16761

    So when I log on to a game of call of duty I normally see people using the overpowered and overrated guns such as the ACR, TAR-21, FAMAS, TYPE 95, MP7, PP90M1, and AK-47. With perks like Stopping Power, Ghost, Assasin, Sleight of Hand, and Bling or Warlord. And always with the kick proficiency. But there are some weapons I never see people using like the CM901, ENFIELD, P90, M14/MK14, or even the G36C. But let's say you wanna know how to use weapons like these well or better. Then you've come to the right place.

    Let's start with a gun everyone uses like the MP7. First off the MP7 has almost no recoil so there's no need for kick. Also the iron sights are great and clear so no need for red dot. And finally don't use rapid fire. Rapid Fire in …

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