So when I log on to a game of call of duty I normally see people using the overpowered and overrated guns such as the ACR, TAR-21, FAMAS, TYPE 95, MP7, PP90M1, and AK-47. With perks like Stopping Power, Ghost, Assasin, Sleight of Hand, and Bling or Warlord. And always with the kick proficiency. But there are some weapons I never see people using like the CM901, ENFIELD, P90, M14/MK14, or even the G36C. But let's say you wanna know how to use weapons like these well or better. Then you've come to the right place.

Let's start with a gun everyone uses like the MP7. First off the MP7 has almost no recoil so there's no need for kick. Also the iron sights are great and clear so no need for red dot. And finally don't use rapid fire. Rapid Fire in MW3 is different for every weapon. For the MP7 it only increaces it by 11%. While guns like the PP90M1 get a plus 38% bonus. So use something like and MP7 w/ Focus and Extended Mags or Silencer.

Now a gun no one in Black ops uses the Enfield. The Enfield has an ADS time like an SMG at a fifth of a second faster then all the Assualt Rifles. Also having a good reload time at about 2.4 seconds. So sleight of Hand is not needed for this weapon wich opens up options like Warlord or Steady Aim. I personally recommend Steady Aim and a Suppressor to reduce muzzle flash. Optics aren't needed.

And for one of my favorite guns the CM901. Now may people say that the CM901 sucks but it really doesn't. Take a popular Assualt Rifle the AK-47 it actually has the exact same stats as the CM901 but with better bullet spread, recoil, and in my opinion iron sights. What I recommend with this gun is either a steath approach or a defence approach. For steath use a silencer and Focus or a silencer and Extended Mags (what I use) with Assasin and Specialist. For defence use Extended Mags with and Acog, Red Dot, or Hybrid Sight. Use this to guard flags or bombs and pick of people at long range with a Hybrid.

Now for another weapon I believe is super underrated, the MK14. Now in my opinion the MK14 is one of the best guns in MW3! It has an AMAZING damage of 79 up-close to 49 at range. Which is the highest for any Assualt Rifle in Cod History! It also has great iron sights, almost no recoil, and good fire rate for a semi-auto weapon. The only disadvantage is the fact that it does not perfom as well at close range do to it being semi-auto. But, in return it is the only Assualt Rifle in Cod History to be able to kill in one shot in core modes without help from perks. Which means if you shoot someone in the head at close range they're dead. And at long range with one more shot. What I like to do with this gun is use it like a sniper. I use Acog and Suppressor and go in hardcore so I can kill people in one shot at any range unless they have a Ballistic Vest on.

So this ends my post. I hope these weapons ideas give you something new to try out. please let me know in the comment section what you think. And even respond with some ideas of your own. Thanks for reading :)

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