Is anyone else experiencing really odd spawning patterns? I've had Black Ops since yesterday and my friends and I have spawned in the worst of spots, like near enemy double teams, or all the way across the map from all the combat.

    I'm not going to rant and complain since it's better than being quick-scoped by some 10-year old in Modern Warfare 2, but it just seems odd.

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    I hope they have an aerial/naval game mode for mulitplayer.

    It would be fighter jets or bomber jets attacking six fuel depots with naval battleships mounted with machine guns and artillery defending, with everyone having one life, like Search and Destroy. The round would end if the entire enemy team would be destroyed, both fuel depots are destroyed, or the time limit ends.

    Or just make them killstreaks on certain maps.

    Or put them in a campaign mission.

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops is coming up soon, so what kind of maps would you like to see in the Multiplayer mode?

    I know most maps are based off missions of the campaign, but it still would be cool to have maps.

    If I were to make maps they would most likely be...


    A heavy rainforest shrouded in darkness. It would be a rather risky map to snipe on if napalm strikes or flamethrowers of some sort showed up in game. The factions would be the Viet Cong versus the United States military.


    In a clear, open wheat field in the Vietnamese countryside would be a battlefield for a type of proxy war or hold out. The factions would be between the North Vietnamese military and South Vietnamese commandos.

    Death Road

    The Southern Vietnamese gover…

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