Hey guys. I haven't really posted to this wiki yet. I was checking on my COD Elite account earlier today and I saw a mysterious emblem behind my Master Prestige on the Black Ops 2 player page. When I looked around there, I saw it said, "You are ready for Prestige 12, Level 1". I was blown away. BO2 is planning on releasing more prestiges. I don't have access to my PS3 at the time but it seems that it is not yet available. Due to the fact that When I try to go the Prestige calculator to see the new prestige(s), it looks the same as it's always been. My guess is that Call of Duty is preparing Elite for the arrival of a set of new prestiges, and we just caught a glimpse at one. As far as I know, no one's reported on these. I haven't seen any other blogs, pictures, news, etc. All of the pictures you see below are screenshots taken by me. (I hope they don't get taken down again by the Admin's for liscense probalems or something... again. So I hope they're there when you look below.) I sure can't wait to get back online and start prestiging again. (Sorry if I mispelled anyhting.) - RampageElite9 (Add me on PSN!)

EDIT: (I know I have a crappy K/D Ratio by the way ;) )

Personal RampageElite9 BlackOps2 Prestige12 EliteRelease
Personal RampageElite9 Black Ops 2 Prestige 12 Elite

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