I'm making a machinima because A TON of other people are. Just comment to be in. If your on xbox you can make music or something. here is the plot. I also need a camera man to spectate to get a real machinima point of veiw.


Data collection mission on Sub Base

Behind the scenes

We boost so that I get a predator, someone gets an attack helicopter for ectstration (sorry for incorrect spelling error) and someone gets a harrier. Also someone gets a Pavelow.


Me and two people (Sactage and Juan Jose Rodriguez, if he has a PS3, other wise it will be the first person to ask.) Are Inserted near an enemy Sub. We run over to the right and into a building on the right. We then move on to upstairs where we kill 3 or 4 enemies. The enemies then proceed to meet up at a tank when they spawn. Me and the two other people are colecting data when an enemies sniper takes out the one thats not Sactage. Sactage then proceeds to kill the sniper. The data collection finishes as Sactage is sniped. at this point I am the only one on the Task Force 141,everyone else on the Spetnaz. I then proceed to go back to the sub but an alarm sounds (music director will need to do this) and all enemies are blocking the path. I whip out my RPG and proceed to kill every one. I then proceed to the sub and the screen fades to black.


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