Hey guys, I'm making some machinimas before it heats up again....So...

Episode 1




Plot: TF141 team is shot down near an Enemy Outpost.Uses Scene from Shock and Awe. Screen Blackes.Screen returns. 4 TF141 Members are shot down and the Show begins with 3 smoke grenades going off.The Positions are:Im the middle,front, and back.TF141 Members enter Building with Accesable roof and proceed out by the dumpster.They walk up to by the Metal walls and 1 gets knifed. The attacker then dies.The Soldiers enter the area by the car and 1 friendly gets sniped. The other Two hide.The sniped one is in final stand. The Sgt. of the group(me) radios in a countersniper. A man with an ACR Silenced Red Dot Meets up with the team. He locates the sniper and kills him. They then find out that the guy the was in Final Stand had been captured (he actually walks in the building with a ledge and 1 OpFor guards him. The group proceeds toward the place across from the Crash and Blowout builing(the one with the hole in the roof). The kill them man upstairs and hear yelling from the ledge building. They then Cross the street and proceed to go upstairs where the captured man is.Remember, 1 man is left in the plane, THE RADIOMAN!!! Anyway, the rest of the TF141 team proceed to kill the guard of the captured man. They then help the captured man up (he was prone and is currently standing). An airstrike then comes in right on the crash sight.It was called in BY THE RADIO MAN!!! The screen goes black and the Machinima ends.

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