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Weird Tank Patrol

Ok so I was playing TDM in WaW on Downfall,14 and 1 (I went to win at 18-1,with an 18 Killstreak)anyway,I heard a tank coming and I was roaming around in the trenches.The tank I heard was patroling.So when it turns the corner the dude in the tank leaves.So I am still there when he comes back(remember i am hiding) and he got in the tank AND DROVE RIGHT NEXT TO ME.He moved up a little bit and then he stopped.He got out and started sweeping the trenches(man this dude is tactical).He sees me but I gun him down with my SVT(Yes,I was 18 and 1 with an SVT).So I hide again but this time overlooking the tanks postition.The DUDE COMES BACK and I gun him down YET AGAIN.So the spawns switch due to my awesome teammates spawn trapping.I go to there spawn an Kill a dude who is oblivious that I am there.I kill him and the TANK DUDE SEES ME AGAIN and I killed him.That was the final kill.I have learned 3 things from this.1.Tactics dont save your life.2.Never use a tank to partrol and 3.Never go for revenge kills.WaW Pickup STG44Rampantlion513 WaW Pickup MG42Wanna Talk??M1919 hud icon WaWEditsSVT-40 pickup icon WaW 00:11, August 1, 2010 (UTC)Like my new sig???

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