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    Hello my uncle is Matthew Bromely, and he worked for Kaos Studios on Frontlines: Fuels of War, and Homefront. Now that Kaos Studios has closed down he has landed a job at 2K Marin. Since he started working there he has been getting some job offers. Treyarch contacted him for a job as "Senior Devoloper" with the description of " Working on the Sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops" So, he called them and they gave him information on "a zombie campaign mode", "a co- op campaign experiance, and refining multiplayer including 'Create a Class 3.0'." Now I'm not saying that these haven't been scrapped, since he recieved this in August, and February, and don't go holding me to this, and don't go adding these to article, however, these are some featur…

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