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  • Random Man 0213

    Last Thoughts

    November 8, 2010 by Random Man 0213

    Black Ops is coming out tomorrow! I haven't been this excited since the release of Modern Warfare 2! Before the big day, anything you want to share or discuss before midnight rolls around? Anything you're going to do tonight that's special? Feel free to put down any last thoughts before you go out and get that game (or wait at the store for the midnight release if you're really that hardcore).

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  • Random Man 0213

    Everyone will have fun with Black Ops. EVERYONE.

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  • Random Man 0213

    New singleplayer footage in Kowloon, where the player is up against the Spetsnaz!

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  • Random Man 0213

    I am in my school's Quizbowl/Academic Team, where we compete with other schools in tournaments. We have to answer random questions involving numerous subjects, like Science and History (sort of like Jeopardy). Today, while we were practicing, I decided to look through some questions that they may ask during the competition. One of the questions caught my eye:

    "This game received a patch in December 2009 in order to fix the infinite care package glitch. This game also has a spin-off comic series about one of its main characters, Ghost. For 10 points, name this video game."

    I laughed. Very hard.

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  • Random Man 0213

    No Bending

    August 27, 2010 by Random Man 0213

    Here's a picture that I finished while I was in China. Feel free to critique! By the way, please excuse the poor quality... when it rains in China... it pours.

    The Avatar thought he could deceive us... but when they find this body, all of the Fire Nation will cry out for war...

    Tell me what you think!

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