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With the modern weapons and techniques today, it's hard to determine which country has the better military force. However, what would happen if.... the People's Liberation Army of China engaged the United States Marine Corps in a battle to the death? Who would win?

This is where you guys come in. Post who you think will win and we'll see who is the Deadliest Warrior!

PLA - 0

USMC - 9

Neutral - 0

Of course, they will have weapons to aid them! Some of them will include...


Assault Rifle: QBZ-95

Sniper Rifle: Type 79

Light Machine Gun: QBB-95

Submachine Gun: QCW-05

Sidearm: QSZ-92


Assault Rifle: M16A4

Sniper Rifle: M40A3

Light Machine Gun: M249 SAW

Submachine Gun: MP5

Sidearm: M9

Of course, these aren't the only weapons they'll use! If you can think of any more weapons, vehicles, or strategies that they may use, feel free to post it!

May the best warrior win!

NOTE: Please make sure that your explanations are logical and use examples that actually exist in real life. That means no zombies, no Wunderwaffe DG-2, no Raygun, etc. Any responses like those will be ignored.

Flame wars will not be permitted on this blog. This is supposed to be a fun discussion, and anything that is perceived as flamebait will be hidden.

Also, please leave all racism out of this blog. We want to have a nice, clean fight... metaphorically speaking...

By the way, definite answers are preferred... Any answers that involve "Well if this happened, then they will win, but if this happened, they will win..." will be marked as "neutral." Thank you!

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