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  • Ravager134K

    how does afghanistan fit into mw2? anyone=

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  • Ravager134K

    does anyone know if grand theft auto, episodes from liberty city stories know if it is coming to the UK because apparently its coming to ps3 in MARCH, long wait and i hope its coming to the uk it probably will wont it people please do not delete this blog

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  • Ravager134K

    how the war started

    February 1, 2010 by Ravager134K

    how the war started was that russian extremist- makarov wanted to start a war with the US so he goes to brazil and gets 'AMERICAN' weapons off alejandro rojas or alex the red then he goes back to russia and pvt allen goes undercover to try to get in makarovs army group thing. they go to the the international airport, kill the civillians and fsb- russian cops then at the end makarov kills allenand with his american weapon, russia thinks its america and declares war on them.

    i think thats not wright but owell

    i dont really know because i ithink i heared somwhere that shephard was working with makarov then double crossed him

    i think he did actually because how did makarov know where he was at.

    when somone reads this can they tell me the real storyl…

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  • Ravager134K

    i would like to know that was shephard working with makarov then did he double cross him because right one when your in the boneyard makarov tells price where shephard is and like how did he know that and the second reason is that how did he know that pvt. allen was an american.

    how come russia didnt go into another civil war because the untranationalists were split into 2 like you had that bovcheski guy or what ever-the russian overment then you had makarov who followed zakhaev also makarov doesnt fight for a acountry so it shows hes kind of a traitor. and its like y would he kill his own people at the airport or were the government behind it aswell?

    and another thing is y do the ultranationalists (including both sides of the ultranationali…

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