Right. Now that I've had to bear a wave of hate for not liking Black Ops II, I think I'd better post a more reasoned and less vitriolic defence of said opinion.

Let's start with the obvious bone of contention here: Woods turning out to be alive. Now I've taken a fair bit of flak for forcing the “he's dead” point of view down people's throats, mostly from people the reveal that he's alive has vindicated. Whilst this is not an entirely baseless accusation, and I have been a bit quick on the draw with the “he's dead dammit” line, I've never outright attacked anyone for thinking otherwise. And while I have no problems with him as a character, or with him actually being alive, I feel that his being dead served the story a lot better. And if they can come up with a decent explanation for his survival that doesn't hinge on “Mason remembered this all wrong” then I might actually accept it.

And now on to the crux of all this: The game itself. As I stated before, I just don't feel particularly inspired by what I have seen so-far in the pre-release information. It all just seems like a hasty attempt to ride the trend that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier started, for better or worse, albeit with more explosions, as the series is want to do. And if I'm not inspired by what I see, I am unlikely to want to buy the game when it does come out.

And lastly, Zombies. Something else I apparently constantly attack people for liking. All I have said is that I personally dislike and cannot see the point of it, and that I do not understand why it has become such an obsession among the fanbase to the point where any reveal of information that has been posted on here has been met with a deluge of comments demanding information on it even when it is clear that said reveal is incomplete or indeed contains false / unofficial information.

Now that I've said this, if you still want to hate me for not liking the game, go right ahead. Just know that this time you're doing it for the sake of doing it rather than because I said something I'll regret later.

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