So it's been almost a month since MW2 came out.... and go figure.. the 'NOOB!" talk has begun

The Primary target of it this time? The SCAR-H

On one hand, aside from some complaints about the M203+Scavenger surprisingly now, "Noobtuber" is a bit of a joke now.

But the Reason for the SCAR-H? Because... it's like the MP-40 from WaW.......

Really?  No one seemed to mind about the MP5 from CoD4 with it's high power.

Nor does anyone seem to mind the UMP .45 SMG, which if anything, is more akin to the MP-40.

Last I checked, aside from some complaining about the power the gun had, especially on Console versions, which I play on, (PS3) the only REAL issue people had with it, was the fact that it was the gun of choice, for Juggy users.

Oh trust me, I hated that as well, 50-29 damage (for consoles) with increased health? I despised that. So instead of just whining about it (Though, I did do some my self) I got even. Thanks to WaW introduction of more Custom Class slots as you prestige up, and that I had several spare ones, I created a few custom classes to solve the issue.

The first, was my Thompson "Defense Breaker" class, which was a Thompson, with Stopping Power, and Deep Impact, often coupled with the Drum mag. What better than to not put my self at risk at all, and rip through "cover" with an SMG with good power and accuracy

The second, is what I kinda of call my "Use only if you must ABSOLUTELY, POSTIVELY DESTROY an entire tema (Read, a juggy noob) in 5 minutes or less.

It was... an MP-40 Double Mag, Stopping power, and Deep Impact.

What's that Billy? You're a 13 yr old twit playing an M rated game cussing me, the 20+ year old out, while running around like a monkey with your Juggy MP40? ha ha ha, that's cute..... shame it means nothing to me... 

End result: me: 20-30+/6-10 K/D. The juggernaut users? 7-10/12-17+

And Yet, in MW2.... we no longer have this issue,because only Pain Killer gives the same effect, for only 10 seconds and it's a Death Streak perk

As a matter of fact, the UMP is even more powerful than the SCAR-H!

With out stopping power, the SCAR-H, and like wise, the higher ammo capacity, but more recoil/less accurate TAR-21, Burst firing FAMAS and M16A4, and the similar AK-47 deals between 30 to 40 damage, depending on range (M4A1 and the faster shooting, lower Recoil/high accuracy ACR deal 20-30)

The slow, but accurate, and Easy to control Recoil of the UMP? 35-40

Yea.. that's right... it bottoms out at with MORE damage than even the MP40 did (29) though granted, that had a Higher minimum range power of 50. And 5 higher than any of the of more powerful ARs in game, and 15 higher than the extremely accurate, but low powered ARs. You need the AUG HBAR, RPD, or L86 LSW to even match that kind of power.

So what's with the complaining about the SCAR? Can someone answer me that?

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