A Refresher course to the first part of this discussion: User blog:Razgriez/What I want to not see return, or changed, in MW3

So, welcome to part two of my list of suggestions and ideas for what IW and Sledgehammer can take out, or change for MW3. I've got a fresh magazine loaded with criticisms and suggestions.

A quick refresher to the basic guidelines of my list here:

This is not a "NERF!" debate:

I will not sit here and just say "Nerf this". All discussions of reductions, will come with suggestions of changes. the same applies for suggestions of increasing the power of something.

This is not a post Complaining about bugs and exploits:

This is obvious, and shouldn't have to need explaining. Particularly to a certain company who constantly left stuff un-patched. I'm sure the people I am speaking off, will be smart this time, and have ya know.. an actual Beta, not filled with "yes men" who just want you to push the game out, bugs and all. I'm just saying.

So, we begin, where we left off, At point number six.

Eyes and ears protection on, safety's off, because it's Razgriez's Firing line: Reloaded!

6. Treyarch's Assist Point system PWNS IW's. :

I know, this is a extremely simple point. But it should be brought up. I know this may hurt the pride of IW, to have to take an idea from Treyarch, but here's the fact. There is a reason, why Treyarch managed to over take MW2 in many areas in Black Ops (And in World at War, where the idea was introduced). This is one of them. If I deal 80% of the damage, to an enemy player, and my team mate finishes the guy off. I'm cool with my Team mate getting the Kill reward, that's fine. But give me my just reward of 80 XP. Not the meager 20 points.

7. Do not go back to MW2's Explosive spam fest:

Again: Treyarch got it right in Black Ops. I'm fine with the Grenade launchers, and Rocket Launchers. But I don't like it, when Multiplayer just turns into one big Grenade Spam fest. This, (Along with my copy of MW2 refusing to work any more) was what drove me away from MW2. When everyone is packing Scavenger/OMA, and Danger Close, a Underslung Grenadelauncher, Secondary Launcher, it got dull, and stupid.

All Explosive matches, should be limited to custom, or friendly matches where people are just looking to play around with the launchers. Otherwise, it should be like in Black Ops: What you start with, is what you get, with some exceptions, and a Ammo care package drop.

8. Speaking of which: GET RID OF DANGER CLOSE!

Hey, IW/Sledgehammer, Remember my talking point in my last post about how "It's time for you to replace Damage/Health modifying perks with instead equipment upgrades?" yea. it bears repeating. To simulate the effects: Change it to choosing the Warhead type for the launcher (Anti Personal or Anti-vehicle/Cover). For Kill streak damage, instead, let that be a new upgrade system for Killstreaks. The more times you use/kill enemy players with it, the better the Kill streak gets.

9. Killstreaks: It's time for an upgrade... or 2 or three, or more.

I love earning upgrades. I do. And now I think would be the best time, to apply the same to Kill Streaks. Because let's face, Kill Streaks are getting kinda bland, even with the new ones being added to every game.

Here's an idea for example: . You could do 2 things with this upgrade system: You can either, combine multiple, similar kill streaks, into one, that unlock more additional effects, like Pro Perks, or you can have it, so that they add an addtional Kill streak to the list. Or maybe even both!.

Also, I'm starting to think the Remote Controlled Killstreaks, are starting to be overdone. Maybe some of them can be simplified to either a Smoke Designating grenade (like was used to call in Mortar strikes during the Flashback sequence in Black Ops) or Laser Designators.

10. Keep Black Ops, Multiplayer Reporting system, and expand upon it.

This is important, because it'll let us help improve the game overall. Also, add detailed descriptions of when it is the right time to report certain behaviors.

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