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    Origins: My review

    September 1, 2013 by Recon Unit-52

    Apocalypse released not to long ago. This review will be all about Dig. Let's start with the characters.

    (pun intended)

    The crew we first saw in Shi No Numa are back, but this time, they are not incredibly annoying, but actually good.

    Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski and Dr. Edward Richtofen

    They are actually Leo Dicaprio, Vaas, Red Baron and Freddie Mercury in order.

    So Richtofen saved what remained untainted out of Maxis, who have gone sick and died prior to Origins (retcon much). This is his brain. Anyway the drone is very useful in a number of ways, including reviving people and gunning down zombies with ease. This is the ultimate support equipment you can have and is no doubt my favorite buildables of all time. You can also get…

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    Buried: My review

    July 14, 2013 by Recon Unit-52

    So for a little while ago, Vengeance released for Xbox 360. I'm just going to review the Zombies part which is Buried.

    The map got some fun features, one being the ability to fly (more on that later) and all the nice buildables it brought.

    The Subsurface Resonator is a new, fun buildable device introduced in Buried. It blasts highly damaging air akin to our beloved airshotty, but is planted instead. The good things with the Subsurface Resonator is that it's very powerful and got good range, but the bad things are that the stunning range is WAY too high. It interrupts jumping which can prove fatal if you're jumping from a roof to another and slows you down. The Resonator also breaks easily, making it unreliable in the narrow alleyways which h…

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